Idyllic anchorage on Kvarner

Maračol, a bay-anchorage on the coast of Unije Island. The bay is sheltered of all but the strong south-wind »Jugo«. Unije Island is situated in the Kvarner Bay and is on the way from Middle Dalmatia towards Istria.

By the way, the toponym Maracol, in Italian called »Porto Lungo«, harbor in the long bay, marks the characteristics of the landscape (in Italian it means swamp).


check in which category your boat belongs to

up to 8 m

160 HRK/boat

8.01 m - 14 m

20 HRK/meter

14.01 m - 20 m

25 HRK/meter




find out what’s needed for a safe and enjoyable stay in Maračol bay

First lift the buoy. Under the buoy there are three ropes. Fasten the two white ropes to the left and right clamp. Pull the thinner, colored rope to the other side of the boat and tighten it.

A person operating a yacht or a boat shall be responsible for safety of the vessel while at anchorage, and shall be obliged to follow instructions of the concession holder and the competent harbormaster’s office. When anchored, a person operating a vessel shall ensure that the vessel is sufficiently removed from the nearest vessels in all directions and all weather conditions.

When anchored, it shall be prohibited to throw away and to lower into the sea all solid and liquid waste and sanitary waters. Violation of the regulations on protection of the marine environment shall be severely sanctioned, in accordance with provisions of the Maritime Code and the Maritime Domain and Seaports Act.

In case of a stormy weather that can jeopardize safety, the vessel facilities must increase their berths, or increase the number of anchors, and by the order of the concessionaire staff leave the bay or shelter boat somewhere safer. In case of a storm, the ship crew anchored in the bay, must be on the board, properly equipped and insured against falling in the sea, likewise all security measures shall be taken on board vessels. In case of a defect, they must be ready sail away to first hospital.


Little heaven for big relaxation

The only settlement on the island is situated northwest from Maracol bay, a 20- minute walk away over the hill or a 10-minute drive by tractor. In the middle of Maracol bay, there is an abandoned factory plant, in which pilchards and squids were processed and during the time of Italy, it was called »Arigoni«. More than 60 people from the island worked in that factory, which had been in function all the way to 1963. Until the Croatian War of Independence, the plant had been used as a border barrack of the former YPA (Yugoslav People’s Army).

The toponym Unije in Old Greek called »neios« means field, while »niu« means »into the field«. The residents of Unije were primarily farmers, because of which the past settlement was on the side of the island, which was not sheltered of the west-winds and the south-wind »Jugo«. In the settlement Unije there is a church, a shop, a post-office, a bakery, three restaurants and a pastry shop. On the north-west part of Maracol bay there is a rural tourism farm in construction.


Be carefree this summer and secure now Your anchor place in the bay Maracol